Fury Unmanned Aerial System

No Runway? No Problem.



Fury is a long-endurance, survivable Unmanned Aerial System that brings strategic capabilities to the tactical warfighter. With the largest payload capacity and volume among runway-independent UAS, and its advanced heavy fuel propulsion system, best in class power generation, and low signature design, Fury is capable of supporting any Intelligence, Surveillance Reconnaissance and IEW requirement. Fury – The Best Value Aircraft for ISR and IEW.



  • Runway independent -- catapult launch and expeditionary recovery system
  • Blended 17-foot wingspan for minimal visual signature
  • Endurance proven above 12 hours
  • Altitude up to 15,000 ft
  • Engine successfully tested to FAR33.49 Accelerated Life Testing standard
  • Tested with C4ISR and EW payloads
  • Can carry a combination of over 200 lbs of payload and fuel
  • Open, IP Based Architecture
  • Adaptable and reconfigurable


Fury UAS Bridges the Gap Between Tactical and Strategic






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